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The official source for finding out whether some work is copyright protected is U.S. Copyright Office. The website for that office is and has a simple and very much self-explanatory layout.

The copyright laws are listed under LAW AND POLICY > Copyright Law

The regulations are also explained in more detail in the following circulars:

Copyright Duration and Renewal

Some instructions on how to investigate the copyright status is provided in the following:

How to Investigate the Copyright Status of a Work

The Copyright Card Catalog and the Online Files of the Copyright Office

While trying to decipher legal language may require some initial effort and skill, the applicable regulations could be summarized as following:

Summary of Copyright Duration Rules:

Initial term of copyright protection is 28 years with a renewal extension of 67 years making the total term of copyright protection 95 years.

For works published before 1964, a renewal notice had to be filed on the 28th year from the initial publication; otherwise, the work lost its copyright protection.

For works published in 1964 and on, copyright protection is automatically renewed - filing a renewal notice is optional.

Most of the works listed on this website ARE in a copyright protected status, at least as far as the U.S. Copyright Office is concerned. The current owner of copyrights is the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) just as it currently states on the official Scientology website. CST, as a corporate entity, acquired copyrights to L. Ron Hubbard's works in 1993 through a transfer from Author's Family Trust-B whose trustee was Norman F. Starkey. This trust was supposedly set up pursuant to Ron Hubbard's will.

Any documents (copyright registrations, renewals, transfers... etc)  filed with the Office starting with January 1, 1978 forward are accessible through its ONLINE DATABASE. Anything prior to that has to be searched manually at the Office in Washington D.C.

The document number for the transfer is V2927P238 (search the database if the link doesn't work).

There are over 7,000 items listed in the transfer. The only registration numbers we are interested in here are the ones that start with an A (original copyright notice) or an RE (renewal notice). The transfer includes many similar and other titles with numbers that start with TX (for text) or VA (for visual art). Generally, these are copyright notices for text revisions and visual work in republished editions.

The transfer, links to regulations, and the table below are also provided in EXCEL FILE for your convenience.

Areas of interest and subject to further research have been highlighted in YELLOW. The most important item in need of further research right now is Dianetics: The Original Thesis. Neither the original copyright registration (starts with A) or renewal notice (starts with RE) appear in the Transfer Document. This MAY be an indicator that the copyright for this book was not renewed on time and so lost its copyright protection. This must be verified with the U.S. Copyright Office through manual search. To have the Office staff search for it and provide search results remotely could add up to $1,000 in fees for just looking up one book.

If you wish to help with this project and live near Washington D.C., you can visit the Office and do a manual search. Here is what is needed:

1) A copy of the original copyrights registration (should have been in late 1940's or early 1950's).
2) A copy of the renewal document if there is one (1976 or around that year).
3) If there is no renewal then get an official confirmation from the Copyrights Office that the book is no longer copyright protected.
4) Verify that copies of these documents can be posted on the Internet for public viewing.
5) Email digital copies to so it can be posted on this website.

This is on volunteer basis only. Ideally, it would be great to have digital copies of original copyright registrations and renewals (where applicable) for all the books listed on this website. These could then be included on pages containing basic information.

Also, email if you believe any information on this page is not correct, but please, do not email for basic questions regarding the copyrights in general. Use the information provided on this page as well as the official website for the U.S. Copyright Office. If you are still not sure, you are best to consult a qualified copyrights attorney.

Note, this project is only interested in easily verifyable information based on publically available documents. The question of how exactly Norman Starkey (as a trustee) and then the Church of Spiritual Technology came into posession of the copyrights seems to be a highly controversial and convoluted area which is outside of the scope of this website. You can read more about it on this website:

Please note, is not in any way affiliated with the above website or its creators. It is provided for informational purposes only, as an aid for anyone wishing to further their research. Any questions regarding the information presented in the above website should be directed to its creators using the means provided in its "Contact Us" section.

TITLE FIRST PUBLISHED ISBN U.S Library of Congress No. REQUIRED RENEWAL YEAR (for works published before 1964) COPYRIGHT EXPIRATION YEAR In Transfer Document Internet Database Record Comment from Internet Database Record
Dianetics: The Original Thesis Early 1948 0-88404-002-X
1976 2044 original not in transfer - further research needed
No renewal registration found.
Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science May 1950 0-88404-017-8
1978 2046 RE 199-238 RE0000199238 / 1983-04-01 Renewal registration for: A00000338764 / 1955-06-09
Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health May 9, 1950 0-88404-000-3 73-184345 1978 2046 R676199 renewal document not in Internet Database
Science of Survival June 1951 0-88404-001-1 51-5566 1979 2047 A56697 RE0000027043 / 1979-05-21 Renewal registration for: A00000056697 / 1951-06-28
Self Analysis August 1951 0-88404-014-3
1979 2047 RE 27-058 RE0000027058 / 1979-05-21 Renewal registration for: A00000059382 / 1951-09-03
Advanced Procedure and Axioms November 1951 0-88404-021-6
1979 2047 RE 29-964 RE0000029964 / 1979-07-25 Renewal registration for: AA0000204347 / 1951-11-21
Handbook for Preclears December 1951 ISBN Unknown
1979 2047 RE 29-963 RE0000029963 / 1979-07-25 Renewal registration for: AA0000202780 / 1951-12-21

RE 29-965 RE0000029965 / 1979-07-25 Renewal registration for: AA0000206721 / 1951-12-26
Scientology: A History of Man July 1952 ISBN Unknown RC461,MCAT 1980 2048 RE 58-776 RE0000058776 / 1980-05-19 Renewal registration for: A00000070416 / 1952-07-25
Scientology 8-80 November 1952 0-88404-020-8
1980 2048 RE 58-777 RE0000058777 / 1980-05-19 Renewal registration for: A00000074549 / 1952-11-04
Scientology 8-8008 December 1952 ISBN Unknown
1980 2048 RE 124-799 RE0000124799 / 1981-12-28 Renewal registration for: AI0000003820 / 1952-12-10
Dianetics 55! April 1954 0-88404-003-8
1982 2050 RE 144-224 RE0000144224 / 1982-11-12 Renewal registration for: A00000171677 / 1954-12-28
The Creation of Human Ability April 1955 0-88404-011-9
1983 2051 RE 167-335 RE0000167335 / 1983-05-05 Renewal registration for: A00000201476 / 1955-04-10
Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought September 1956 0-88404-018-6
1984 2052 RE 208-612 RE0000208612 / 1984-04-17 Renewal registration for: A00000281963 / 1956-11-15
The Problems of Work December 1956 0-88404-007-0
1984 2052 RE 208-611 RE0000208611 / 1984-04-17 Renewal registration for: A00000279758 / 1957-01-15
All About Radiation May 1967 0-88404-062-3
automatic 2063

Scientology: A New Slant on Life December 1965 0-88404-013-5
automatic 2061 No 631-251

Introduction to Scientology Ethics July 1968 0-88404-015-1
automatic 2064 A544559

Scientology 0-8 November 1970 0-88404-009-7
automatic 2066 A648187

Notes on the Lectures January 1951 0-88404-005-4
1979 2047 RE 29-958 RE0000029958 / 1979-07-25 Renewal registration for: A00000054369 / 1951-02-20
Child Dianetics October 1951 0-88404-022-4
1979 2047 RE 3-635 RE0000003635 / 1978-05-22 Renewal registration for: AA0000178150 / 1950-12-23
How to Live Though an Executive April 1953 ISBN Unknown
1981 2049 RE 98-933 RE0000098933 / 1981-08-14 Renewal registration for: A00000338763 / 1953-07-07
Have You Lived Before This Life? March 1960 0-88404-004-6
1988 2056 RE 405-042 RE0000405042 / 1988-12-06 Renewal registration for: A00000481737 / 1960-11-29
The Phoenix Lectures August 1968 0-88404-006-2
automatic 2064 A603475

Mission Into Time September 1973 0-88404-023-2
automatic 2069

Hymn of Asia January 1975 0-88404-035-6
automatic 2071

Dianetics Today March 1975 0-88404-036-4
automatic 2071 A622854

Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary June 1975 0-88404-037-2
automatic 2071 A672335

Have You Lived Before This Life? October 1977 0-88484-055-0
automatic 2073

Scientology group auditor's handbook volume 1 June 1954

1982 2050 RE 144-218 RE0000144218 / 1982-11-12 Renewal registration for: A00000147939 / 1954-06-03
Scientology group auditor's handbook volume 2 June 1954

1982 2050 RE 144-220 RE0000144220 / 1982-11-12 Renewal registration for: A00000159746 / 1954-09-22

Control And The Mechanics of S.C.S. December 1957 ISBN Unknown
1985 2053

Axioms & Logics August 1958 ISBN Unknown
1986 2054

E-Meter Essential May 1961 ISBN Unknown
1989 2057 A703263

The Book of Case Remedies November 1964 ISBN Unknown
automatic 2060

The Book of E-Meter Drills February 1965 ISBN Unknown
automatic 2061 A670971

The Book Introducing the E-Meter September 1966 ISBN Unknown
automatic 2062 A708691

OEC Volumes & The Management Series March 1974

automatic 2070

The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology August 1976

automatic 2072

Modern Management Technology Defined December 1976

automatic 2072

The Volunteer Minister's Handbook October 1976 0-88404-039-9 76-27819 automatic 2072 A864258

What is Scientology? December 1978 0-88404-061-5 78-71006 automatic
A134251; A753448

Basic Study Manual 1972 ISBN Unknown
automatic 2068 A386190

Success Through Communication 1980 ISBN Unknown
automatic 2076

Scientology: Clear Procedure Issue One 1976 ISBN Unknown
automatic 2072

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