Below is a list of selected statements made by David Miscavige during the introductory portion of the 2007 Basics release event (full name: "Golden Age of Knowledge: The Basic"). The time marks are for the DVD version of this event. About 3 minutes and 10 seconds (3:10) should be subtracted from these marks to get the ones for the Internet version of this video which is available on the official Church of Scientology website:

[04:25] If the reality hasn’t sunk in yet, it soon will – this is THE EVENT you’ve been waiting for.

[04:39] With what you are about to see this evening there really is no need for superlatives or hyberbole so let me just set the agenda with the most FACTUAL statements I could make, statements containing NO EMBELLISHMENT.

[05:23] For what we release tonight is not something effecting only the lower end of the Bridge or merely the upper end but the very pillar upon which literary rests the entire Bridge itself.

[05:47] For tonight’s release won't just make it possible to be a Scientologist like you've never dreamed, it will provide an entirely new definition of what it means to be a Scientologist and with an ease that defies definition.

[06:21] If we’ve already said it's the greatest recovery of lost tech in Dianetics and Scientology then let's rephrase it – the recovery of Dianetics and Scientology, period!

[7:18] Ok, of course with a list of statements like that I just made, it had better be big. [audience laughter] Needless to say, it is! Indeed, and as I said, that’s no embellishment, no hype, and none of it intended just to create an effect.

[20:57 – 22:15] The fact remains that the data contained in the basic books are very foundation upon which all Dianetics and Scientology rests. So if we are going to speak of a Golden Age of Knowledge, indeed, if your route to the top requires TOTAL KNOWLEDGE, then the data needs to be part of your vocabulary. After all, we aren’t just speaking of the reactive mind and its anatomy, we are also speaking of the very axioms of Dianetics and Scientology, and they are called AXIOMS for a reason.

But what if I told you that you could know these materials so well that they literary are part of your very fabric. And what if I said you not only could know the discoveries, but even how they came about: how LRH discovered the whole track, the energy of life itself, the illusory nature of the MEST universe – all of it. In fact, what if I told you that you not only could fully understand the axioms, but you’d know them so well, you’d even know why they ARE the axioms, without even thinking about it. Or let’s go one step further – the Factors. What if I told you that studied correctly you’d be inviting the toughest Flag supervisor to give you a check out AFTER ONE TIME THROUGH! Well, I am saying that, and a whole lot more.

[24:11] As regards KSW, I’ve previously said the Golden Age of Knowledge is the most embracive RTC program EVER! Yes, even more than Golden Age of Tech, Golden Age of Tech for OT’s, arbitraries removed, Ideal Orgs – you name it. The reason is obvious - without the tech, pure tech, nothing else is possible and nothing else matters. But if you think anybody knew what it entailed when it came to the books… No! Nobody had a clue.

[26:23 - 29:40] Because where it's headed is not just the full recovery of the books but so much more including literally discovering lost tech, and I do mean hidden from view, that surrounds these books.
So once again, the question: how does one lose tech? MISUNDERSTOODS. And whose were they? THE TRANSCRIPTIONIST’s. Yes, you heard me: the transcriptionist’s. And here is what I mean. With a lecture, you hear LRH and the words he said. In a policy letter, you read them as he hand-wrote or typed them. Yet the books, with only one exception, were dictated. Meaning, he spoke them into a tape recorder and they were typed by a transcriptionist. You get LRH’s words as he or she relayed them, and when that person had a misunderstood, you get this: distortions, alterations and perversions, some little, some huge, but every one of them – a hang up for the reader, and that’s why I said you can look up every single word in one of these book and still not get it because when you track it out across the entire LRH library, you get such alterations as entirely missing chapters; total garbles; parts of the text specifically said to be deleted by LRH but left in anyway causing complete mystery; transcription errors whereby LRH dictates a sentence and then replaces it with another, but the transcriptionist was too lazy to go back and correct it leaving both sentences in the book. And if that’s not enough, take your “garden variety” transcription error where the typist isn’t sure whether they should punctuate with a period, colon, or a comma and in almost every instance deciding to go with a happy medium and using a semicolon – a total “maybe” and resulting in sentences, indeed paragraphs, where you don’t know where the sentence begins or ends. Now let’s add an editor, who instead of now correcting it decides to add his own clarifying footnotes to explain what LRH really meant or, through sloppiness, misplacing pages and lord knows what else – mixes up the chapters so some are not only in the wrong sequence, but entire chapters appear in the middle of another chapter, and that’s just the beginning of the list which explains why you’ll even if sometimes found LRH saying: “see later text” and yet the text never appears, or he refers to a process with a statement: “as described earlier” yet which never really did appear earlier, and if you don’t remember any of these examples from the books, that only makes my point – YOU WENT TOTALLY BLANK!
[audience standing up, clapping and cheering]
And if that’s a sampling, I assure you it’s not even a half of it, then again you can be just as certain that I wouldn’t be standing here telling you this unless each and every alteration, and I do mean every distortion, perversion, and alteration has now been corrected.
[audience standing up, clapping and cheering]

[after digital animations and rolling out a massive display of new materials onto the stage]

[37:27 – 38:38] So there you have the Basics – Dianetics to Scientology - and the very foundation of the subjects complete. Just in case you missed it, we are not speaking of “corrected” manuscripts, not “newly verified” manuscripts, and DEFINITELY not just “repackaged.” What we are speaking of is a 100% unadulterated source. Furthermore, we are not merely speaking of books, but when you add the lectures that have never been available, the 100% recovery of source on every technological advance from discovery of engrams and the reactive mind to operating thetan to the breakthroughs in principles applied in every auditing session today at every level of the Bridge.

Indeed, combine it all and it lays out like this: I can walk off this stage in the next 30 seconds after simply telling you to read and listen in sequence, and I would KNOW that you would fly. In fact, I'd know if you did just that – read and listened in sequence – by the end of your study you'd know the basics of Dianetics and Scientology better than any Dianeticist or Scientologist from 1950 right up to the present time.
[audience standing up, clapping and cheering]