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Comparing 1976 reprint copyrighted under L. Ron Hubbard [ISBN: 0-88404-011-9] to 2007 edition copyrighted under “L. Ron Hubbard Library” [ISBN 978-1-4031-4421-8]

David Miscavige's statements at the Basics release event in 2007:

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After this next one, I promise it’s all downhill. Not that anyone is complaining about the next one especially not with the “background of certainty” they have had in all the previous books. The book Creation of Human Ability, and if we’ve lost sight of the tech trail, this book is key to understanding the whole developmental line up as it’s the fulcrum on which the whole Bridge rests that is lower Bridge, upper Bridge and right at the balance point in The Creation of Human Ability. Talk about an unbalanced manuscript, and I specifically address this to those who pondered over earlier editions.  Did it not strike you as slightly odd that the LRH “Forward” of the book appears on page 247? While if only to add insult to injury the alleged LRH Preface was never intended as a Preface. It is a letter, which is why it ends with the words “Sincerely, L. Ron Hubbard.”

But let’s talk about the tech contained in this book: Exteriorization. Here are the processes not only of OT exteriorization but also the processes based on that same technology that provide the entrance point for every case.  The research trail went as follows:

Following the Philadelphia Doctorate Course and Factors, LRH returned to the East Coast of America and specifically – Camden, New Jersey.  There he established the first Advanced Clinical Course or ACC. Each course ran six weeks in length and only by invitation to trained auditors. Now, the ACC served this purpose – to provide LRH with auditors to test new processes while allowing him at the same time to supervise those auditors and develop training methods that could make better, indeed, good auditors. Exteriorization had already been accomplished. The problem was two-fold: exteriorization wasn’t stable and second, most auditors couldn’t even apply the skills necessary to run the processes; hence the ACC program beganing with the first ACC in October 1953, the second ACC in November, then moving to Phoenix the 3rd ACC in January and so on – the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th ACC concluding in July 1954.

And what were those processes he was developing for exteriorization? Objectives. Yes, processes like Opening Procedure by Duplication or Book and a Bottle – that’s this period. So just as an aside for anyone who thinks “I’m only on Objectives,” well we’re talking OT breakthroughs applied at lower levels and that’s what it means when we say “Creation of Human Ability” spans the top and the bottom of the Bridge.

More to the point, that 7th ACC had been the breakthrough. He discovered processes every auditor could apply and the training methods to teach them to efficient skill and standard. Thus, in July 1954 he issued the first “Scientology Auditor’s Handbook.” It presents what he termed “Intensive Procedure.” Most of you are familiar with some of its processes even if you didn’t know their source. Over the following months he augmented the manuscript with additional processes and further added the Auditor’s Code and Code of a Scientologist. This expanded and final text would be named “Creation of Human Ability.” At which point all said editions some dictated some hand written were delivered to the type setter and for the next 53 years we had a text wherein chapter eight comes before chapter one.

As for how this one is so stupid, I quote the Axiom on stupidity. “Axiom 38: Stupidity is the unknownness of consideration.” And the person who did this must’ve been utterly unaware of his or her considerations let alone the results. Anyone who has ever read a book knows chapter one is followed by two, chapter two followed by three, and so forth. It doesn’t take a great deal of logic to then deduce that if somebody reads chapter seven or eight of Creation of Human Ability, they would assume it followed chapter five and six, obviously. But here is what happened:

Return to those ACC’s and accompanying each one of them were written publications, bulletins or more often what were called Journals of Scientology. Journals of Scientology were far more extensive than a simple issue, sometimes the size of a small book. And what they represented was an interim publication until the date it was reduced to a book presenting the latest breakthroughs and procedures. Indeed, those bulletins and journals LRH authored during the ACC’s contained the theory and processes LRH then drew from in picking the best for Creation of Human Ability and Intensive Procedure. In that first and formal “Auditor’s Handbook” several of these bulletins and journals appear at the pack of the pack. They provide the full theory for the processes that make up Intensive Procedure given in the Handbook. They were and are references detailing the trail that lead to the refined processes called Intensive Procedure. So for the final hardback publication of Creation of Human Ability LRH had every one of the bulletins and journals he published during the ACC’s gathered up for inclusion at the back of the book whereupon our non-too-conscientious typist decided to make those references to look JUST LIKE THE BOOK. He or she deleted all dates and added chapter numbers. That’s why L'ENVOI – French and meaning "the author's parting words" is followed by a new chapter six yet that chapter six is actually an issue that predates the book by six months, and so it goes through chapter seven to thirteen containing material a YEAR older than Intensive Procedure that comprises the text of Creation of Human Ability and yet appearing to be in advance of that tech due to its later chapter numbering. Actually it’s even more confusing since it appears LRH is repeating himself – many of these chapters containing the processes that were already presented in the earlier pages of the book.

Finally, that’s why the “Forward” appears on page 247. It was the Forward of a Journal of Scientology from June the previous year. Now, we could have just fixed the titles of those incorrect chapters but that’s not how WE do it. If somebody alter-ised one thing, who knows what else? Instead, we took it back to square zero. First, the original Handbook, then LRH’s handwritten, then his added dictation, then added his hand-written edits for the typed dictation, then the typesetter proofs from '54 containing LRH handwritten edits, then the processes he later added, and yes we found alter-is every step of the way.

Next, lay out the book as he intended. It’s the Auditor’s Handbook and Auditing Commands mushed in the middle of paragraphs aren’t too usable so instead of this, we do it like this. By the way, that’s opening procedure by duplication. And another which we do like this. And those references, we found a few more form the time period they forgot to include, and they all appear where they belong at the back of the book labeled “References” – each one with their original name and date, meaning, after you read Scientology 8-8008 you can begin Creation of Human Ability on the first page of the References if you want the intervening data that forms the developmental track of Creation of Human Ability; otherwise, you start on page one and any references you want are at the back of the book labeled as such.

[audience standing up, cheering and clapping]

Next, the Phoenix lectures. Yes, they are the companion to Creation of Human Ability. Indeed, they are the lectures LRH handpicked from the 7th and earlier ACC’s to specifically accompany this book, and in this latest search we even discovered a previously unknown final list and that’s why the series now includes 17 additional lectures directly correlating to the book. Sum it up, and that is considerations conquering mechanics – The Creation of Human Ability and Phoenix Lectures and lost tech restored.
[audience standing up, cheering and clapping]

You can see the full video of this event on the official Church of Scientology website at this address:
The segment about The Creation of Human Ability starts at 1:55:30 time marker of the video.

Here is a great example of how David Miscavige manipulates some data to deceive the public. Let's examine this piece of his presentation a little closer.


In the beginning of this segment David Miscavige directs a question at the audience:

"Did it not strike you as slightly odd that the LRH “Forward” of the book appears on page 247?" and then shows the page on screen to "prove" his wild assertion:


If you continue to watch his presentation more closely, you'll notice that later he shows how "What is Scientology" article transforms into a chapter in the book:


You can now see that Miscavige presented two pages with the same text but with different appearances. What is going on here?


Here are the actual facts:

The first screen-shot comes from 1989 edition of the book – a part of the first batch of distorted editions that was released within a few years of Ron Hubbard's official date of death (1986) and copyrighted under a new copyright of "L. Ron Hubbard Library" (as opposed to L. Ron Hubbard – the individual). Here is a copy of that page:


This Forward was clearly identified in the Table of Contents as belonging to a separate section in the book which was also clearly identified by a preceeding page (page 245):


It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that even a single person (maybe apart from David Miscavige himself) reading this 1989 edition could have mistaken the Forward on page 247 as an actual "Forward of the book" as David Miscavige tried to indicate.

Now, what do we make of this?

It appears that this is actually a faulty animation that does not have any basis in reality. Below is a visual of this page from the very first edition (1954). Just like in 1989 edition, it was clearly identified in the Table of Contents as a separate piece of publication. The pages look the same in 1976 reprint only the book itself is slightly bigger.



Now, David Miscavige – "The Ecclesiastical Leader of Scientology Religion" – also asserted that:

"... the alleged LRH Preface was never intended as a Preface. It is a letter, which is why it ends with the words 'Sincerely, L. Ron Hubbard.'"


The original Preface was 8 pages long detailing the SPECIFIC ROUTE of TRAINING that any new person in Scientology was supposed to follow and how The Creation of Human Ability was to be used in that process. This could be considered one of the most important and essential references from the Founder that cuts to the very core of Scientology practice. David Miscavige gets rid of this direct word from the Founder and replaces it with what? – a "Preface" that DEFINITELY looks like a LETTER and was obviously never meant to be used as a preface in a book:

1954 PREFACE (selected portions) [source doc] 2007 Preface [source doc]

The training programme of the HASI was stabilized during the seven Clinical Course units. This has been developed into the HASI training schedule, and it is expected that this schedule will be fitted into the training programmes under use with no further modification than is absolutely necessary to fit the peculiar needs of the school.

The primary text of any school of any level is now The Creation of Human Ability – A Handbook for Scientologists. A secondary text, but almost equal in importance is Scientology: Group Auditor’s Handbook. Concentration on these two publications should be extreme. Only those tapes which will actually supplement these manuals should be employed.

His [the student's] instruction should begin with the lecture on Scientology and what it is and with an immediate assignment to auditing. This assignment should consist of the most elementary possible technique in order to accustom the auditor into achieving a two-way communication with the preclear.

The next step consists of Opening Procedure of 8-C. The three parts of this are given him one at a time to audit on his fellow students until he has become expert and assured in performing each part.

The next process in which the student is to be indoctrinated is Opening Procedure by Duplication.

Once the student is entirely comfortable and familiar and precise with Opening Procedure by Duplication he is instructed in Remedying Havingness and Spotting Spots in Space.

Now that the student can remedy havingness on preclears, he is permitted to run Consideration in the form of Significances, having preclears put significances into things. Only when the student has learned to audit significances and has had all the processes he is being taught as above run upon him is it particularly safe to engage upon much theory or upon more complex processes, for the student turned loose to consider at will may otherwise begin to make nothing out of preclears and mountainous somethings out of processes.

At this point, Granting of Beingness in the form given in the Appendix of Issue One of the Handbook for Scientologists should be run thoroughly by the student and on the student and he should hear the L.R.H. lecture on that subject from the Seventh Clinical Course.

Only when all of the above has been accomplished, and with certainty, should the student be embarked upon the use of Intensive Procedure as given, be initiated into the mysteries of exteriorization and the general data of earlier Scientology. We must be very definite at this point that it would be far, far better to turn out a student who had learned the steps prior to studying the Handbook itself, as given above, and graduate with those steps firmly in his grasp than to cover a multitude of subjects and processes in Scientology on which he had a poor reality by the end of the course.
The training materials ... should include the ‘Professional Course Lectures’ by L.R.H. made in July 1954.
15 July 1954
Dear Auditor,

I have written this book for you to help you with your processing.

It combines all the procedures of major workability developed and tested during seven Advanced Clinical Course units. As processes were developed and tested, I discovered that more and more workability was to be found in communication alone. Thus Intensive Procedure was not developed straight from theory, but was evolved out of theory where it agreed with workability.

The stress is upon certainty of communication on the part of the preclear with objects in the physical universe. The Formula of Communication itself, in all of its parts, must be entirely rehabilitated with the preclear in the physical universe before the preclear can then begin with his own universe.

The goal of Intensive Procedure is to bring about a complete tolerance and comfort on the part of the preclear for the physical universe, his exteriorization and general rehabilitation.

Best Regards,
L. Ron Hubbard
July 1954

So you see that Ron Hubbard provided specific instructions on how The Creation of Human Ability was to be used in Scientology practice which has little to do with some chronological order of various publications that David Miscavige so vehemently emphasized.

One point from the original Preface should specifically be noted:

"Only when the student has learned to audit significances and has had all the processes he is being taught as above run upon him is it particularly safe to engage upon much theory or upon more complex processes... We must be very definite at this point that it would be far, far better to turn out a student who had learned the steps prior to studying the Handbook itself, as given above, and graduate with those steps firmly in his grasp than to cover a multitude of subjects and processes in Scientology on which he had a poor reality by the end of the course."

This exposes David Miscavige's campaign to force EVERYONE to study "The Basics" regardless of how much actual training they've had in Scientology as completely contradictory to what the Founder of Scientology left behind as his specific instructions. "The Basics" is a collection of over a dozen books that summarize all of Dianetics and Scientology with hundreds of hours of lectures that accompany them. And obviously the books themselves have been distorted which is the very subject of these alteration reports.


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