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David Miscavige's statements at the Basics release event in 2007:

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We may have already covered “basic” on the alter-is of books chain, but if so then here is the “wall of fire” – Scientology 8-8008.

For those unfamiliar with what that title means, it’s “the attainments of infinity by the reduction of the apparent infinity of the MEST-Universe to zero and the increase of the apparent zero of one’s own universe to infinity.”

As for previous editions of the book and yes, every one of them, forget the fact the book contained such errors as the phrase “Broken Communication” instead of “Spoken Communication,” the book was originally indented as the text for Philadelphia Doctorate Course. Only problem, as it turns out, it doesn’t correlate to that course. As the matter of fact, it doesn’t correlate to anything [audience laughter] because later LRH editions were arbitrarily interfaced into the manuscript thus mixing up tech from 1952 with tech from 1953.

And for anyone who’s ever bogged on 8-8008, well, I invite you to track down the typist and editor who alter-ised such chapters as "DIFFERENTIATION, ASSOCIATION, AND IDENTIFICATION" and reduce their universe to zero.
[audience laughter]

The sequence is as follows: LRH in London dictating the manuscript for Scientology 8-8008 in preparation for an already scheduled and booked Doctorate Course in Philadelphia. Records of the dictation were being rushed to the transcriptionist as soon as they were cut. As you’ll soon discover, the book was simplicity in the extreme. Nevertheless and despite LRH’s workload, his production was such as to overwhelm that transcriptionist who incidentally was a professional scribe for the BBC. Not that the manuscript was entirely messed up; it was simply backlogged. The typing wasn’t keeping up with LRH’s dictation. Point in fact, LRH departs from the Philadelphia Doctorate Course without the final version in hand.  Regardless, he commences the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecturing to students 3, 4, and sometimes 5 lectures per day. The manuscript finally arrives for distribution to the students, but that’s really a misnomer. It looked more like a first type written draft with the expected typographical errors, cross-outs, etc so it looked like a typed first draft because that’s what it was. But if the story ended there and that sloppy typo infested manuscript had been published as-is, it would have been better than what ultimately transpired.

You see, sloppy or otherwise, the typographical errors were quite evident. You didn’t get confused thinking: “What’s that mean?!” You looked at it and thought: “Okay. Retype it!” That’s not to say the sequence was correct. It was also evident they were just throwing the last dozen pages together – previously published material LRH had directed for inclusion in the book. But it was also obvious that more than one typist was at it. How else do you explain the chapter on "METHODS OF PROCESSING" appearing on the typed page 28 and two pages later – page 30 – "METHODS OF PROCESSING" again? But no matter how unpolished the manuscript the sequence of events which then followed are too incredible to be imagined – misunderstood words or worse.

First of all, that typed manuscript wasn’t laid out in chapter format; rather, each new chapter was typed and indicated by a sub-head. "THETA-MEST THEORY," "AFFINITY, COMMUNICAITON AND REALITY," etc. When typeset in a book, they’d appear as their own chapters, except for the following: While transcribing the title of the next chapter "DIFFERENTIATION, ASSOCIATION, AND IDENTIFICATION" ended up at the very bottom of the page, and as will happen with manual typewriters, the paper fell off the roll so put in a new piece of paper and retype the chapter heading at the top of the page. Now answer editor or typesetter who decides the appearance of "DIFFERENTIATION, ASSOCIATION, AND IDENTIFICATION" twice means that the first one is the chapter heading and every following chapter is just a sub-head. Result – a four page chapter was turned into a 150 page chapter with such sub-heads as “The Chart of Attitudes,” “Creative Processing,” “Postulate Processing” – every one of them a distinct subject and chapter and yet all of a sudden reduced to something that appears to be a sub-part of  "DIFFERENTIATION, ASSOCIATION, AND IDENTIFICATION." And for the past 55 years students have been studying a text trying to align entirely dis-related data and stable datums of Differentiation, Association, and Identification – and talk about a “held down 7.”

Now get ready for “hyperspace.” LRH next delivers another lecture series encompassing whole new discoveries in advance of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course – the Factors themselves; whereupon he authors several new chapters for inclusion in the first published edition of 8-8008. And don’t forget the only copies of 8-8008 currently in existence were those first draft typed pages.  And oh by the way, LRH is back in London and the recording of those Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures are locked away in Phily for the next two years – meaning – the editor preparing 8-8008 for formal publication isn’t reviewing or familiar with them so what does he do with these new chapters? He takes a bunch and attaches them right into the original 8-8008 text literary in the middle of pages in between pre-existing paragraphs and if the text doesn’t fit there, inserts whole chapters inside pre-existing chapters. Result – first, a text with a 150 page “chapter” that makes no sense; second, students reading the book, and unbeknownst to them, reading two entirely different bodies of data paragraph by paragraph and chapter by chapter – text that does conflict within itself and seems confusing because it IS confusing.
[audience applause]

Third, students are told the book they hold in their hands is LRH text authored for the PDC so they listen to the lectures hoping to clarify the material and it not only doesn’t clarify but is even MORE confusing especially with all manner of concepts in the book but never mentioned in 76 full one hour lectures. And all of it proven to the student that tech is really deep, that it's beyond his ability to grasp, that he is stupid… well, that's the “I'll understand at OT 56.”

So let’s now reduce the apparent infinity of this problem to zero and increase your ability to get Source to infinity. One: 8-8008 is NOT the text to Philadelphia Doctorate Course. It’s the text for the Philadelphia Doctorate Course and Factors lectures. Two: zoom those new eight 1953 chapters that correspond precisely to the Factors lectures and put them in their obviously proper sequence in Part Two of the book. Three: make the ACTUAL four pages of “DIFFERENTIATION, ASSOCIATION, AND IDENTIFICATION” its own chapter and further reduce the alter-is to zero by returning to the rest original 1952 text to its proper chapters from 7 chapters to 35. Then, 8-8008 Part One matches the Doctorate Course EXACTLY; 8-8008 Part Two matches the Factors lectures EXACTLY, and for the first time ever you have the infinity of tech to break the agreements of the MEST Universe resulting in the apparency of that 8-8008 “wall of fire” being reduced to zero in a book that is now routinely being read in less than 10 hours because for the first time ever the book is EXACTLY as LRH wrote it, and that’s Scientology 8-8008 in application and lost tech restored!
[audience standing up clapping and cheering]

You can see the full video of this event on the official Church of Scientology website at this address:
The segment about Scientology 8-8008 starts at 1:46:37 time marker of the video.

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