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David Miscavige's statements at the Basics release event in 2007:

When originally published in America, the book “History of Man” was entitled “What to Audit.” Although our next book was never published under this title, it was designated as the corresponding “How to Audit.” That is how to audit the whole track incidents of a theta being as contained in “History of Man.” The book is “Scientology 8-80” containing the first explanation of the electronics of human thought and the discovery and increase of life energy in a being.

The book actually has an earlier beginning with the first limited hand-written edition entitled “Scientology: 88.” Following initial publication of that limited edition LRH continued to develop additional techniques based on his discoveries while at the same time authoring additional chapters describing each one – chapters to be included in the permanent hardback publication. Hence, with the added material came the added designation from “Scientology: 88” to “8-80.”

Now, considering more than half of the book was originally hand-written you wouldn’t imagine you could mess it up that bad. Unfortunately, by the time it came to printing and publication, LRH had left Phoenix for England where he'd already begun work on the next level – “Scientology 8-8008,” but if you’ve ever wondered what may have crossed LRH’s research path to writing of the HCOB on “Alter-Is and Degraded Beings,” you can possibly track this guy down and get some fruitful answers. Then again, if you wonder who LRH is referring to in “Keeping Scientology Working” as regards, quote: “The not-too-bright have a bad point on the button Self-Importance,” this is definitely one of the characters!

 Now one up in describe who misplaced the chapter in “Advance Procedures and Axioms,” the transcription of the later chapters of 8-80 include such errors as the phrase “beam of sight” instead of “beam of light,” but don’t necessarily think it was an accident. The Auditor’s Code chapter was too short to his liking so he added the full two pages. Just for good measure, he also sprinkled a few clarifying paragraphs in the various chapters intermixed with LRH edits. Hey! Since he’s liking his work, why not just write a Forward. Don't sign it so it appears to be LRH and call it “What is Scientology,” no less.  He did. Oh he also had some writing with his own byline, but after all his writings did have the word “Scientology” in the title, and the book also had “Scientology” in its title so why not make them the last chapter? He did.

As for the original hand-written text that comprised “Scientology: 88.” Well, obviously the last chapter of that hand written book had to go for a reason only known to him, but no doubt out of one of those electronic implants on the whole track. And finally place the new chapters in the wrong sequence and Wuola! – the published “Scientology 8-80.” But other than what I’ve just mentioned, the book was in pretty good shape.
[audience laughter].

Now, that guy was discovered to say the least. In fact, discovered 50 years ago. Indeed, he can now probably wear a badge as one of the first full fledged and fully declared “squirrels.” Yet, and you won’t believe it except for his self-blessed amendments virtually every one of his alter-is's remained to this day which doesn’t say much for editors at the time who were aware of all the data I've just given you but left it as is. Well, let’s just chock that omission up to one of the many reasons LRH wrote “Keeping Scientology Working” and the good news tonight is that those alterations have now been hammered so far out of existence, they are in another time warp.
[audience clapping]

And, Scientology 8-80 is now LRH’s 8-80!

Then again some of you may be unfamiliar with what this book contains and thus what’s now been recovered. The discovery of how the static of life acts as a mirror and so can record facsimiles. The anatomy of a Facsimile, the Wavelengths of Aesthetics and how it's the closest to proximation to theta and therefore most capable of aberrating, how one gets stuck to a body, and if you’ve ever had a session you’ve been run on flows: Flow 1, Flow 2, etc – this is the book that contains that tech and its underlying reason. The book is also where you’ll find The Sub-Zero Tone Scale plotting the tones of a thetan plus a body as well as a thetan himself.  Finally, if you’ve ever heard the law: “The power of a thetan stems from his ability to hold a position in space” then know too that the discovery underlying that law is in “Scientology 8-80.”

Next, there are the lectures – “Source of Life Energy,” and even there we’ve recovered the correct technology. In fact, the lectures that comprise these series have been miss-dated and sprinkled amongst other series. Not anymore. Once again the series picks up after the book and in summary takes you right to the threshold of “Scientology 8-8008.” And yes – it too parallels the book as in “Energy Manifestations and Force” and “Flows,” as I just mentioned.

And if I've given you the low-down on how messed up the previous 8-80 was, let's look at the result – a simplicity – because you can now read that book in one to three hours.

You can see the full video of this event on the official Church of Scientology website at this address:
The segment about Scientology 8-80 starts at 1:37:00 time marker of the video.

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