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Comparing 9th printing (1976) of the original 1973 edition copyrighted under L. Ron Hubbard [ISBN Unknown] to 2007 edition copyrighted under “L. Ron Hubbard Library” [ISBN 978-1-4031-4411-9]

Statements made by David Miscavige regarding Handbook for Preclears at the Basics release event in 2007:

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“I previously mentioned that Self-Analysis is the most undervalued book in Scientology then Handbook for Preclears is only second because it already takes top billing as THE MOST UNKNOWN. That’s a bit of an outpoint, especially when you consider it’s the book that first mentions the word “Scientology.” Yet the fact remains surveys reveal Handbook for Preclears to be virtually unknown and in this instance quite aside from the genius secretarial work, we do know the reason for its anonymity. Indeed, the tail made even sadder by the fact THE BOOK NEVER BECAME WELL KNOWN and so never even had the opportunity to become forgotten. Sure, some C/S’s and auditors have studied it, but there too occur prevented any comprehension of the very substance of the book. And what is that substance? Oh, it not only explains how LRH came to discover Scientology, but it tells HOW he did it. Or how about the fact that discoveries contained therein opened a direct route to whole track? So let me first clear the mystery of its never glorified history.

If you recall various source briefings over the years, not to mention numerous bulletins and policies that describe it, the original Dianetic Foundation was not headed by LRH. The book had been published right about the time LRH abandoned that Foundation when they tried to prohibit research into past lives. And out of spite they kept the copies of the book for a while. By the time the books were recovered, NOBODY WAS EVEN FAMILIAR WITH ITS CONTENT, and so goes the rest of the story as you now know. However, even with those circumstances, still you pretty much figure that the mere fact of auditors studying the book over the years would have resulted in some use or some dissemination, but were it not for the discovery of the lectures that accompany these series, its fate might have been sealed forever as lost tech. Yes, it’s a dictated book, but no it was not garbled beyond comprehension. In fact, there were only a few garbles. Unfortunately they happened to be the very words that described the substance of the book. Or to be more precise, the very word that the book is based on is mistranscribed. Only the lectures that were discovered reveal this alter-is. The word or phrase is “Life Continuum” which the typist changed to “Life Continuation.” If you’ve never heard of or understood “Life Continuum,” you now know why.

PEOPLE WHO HAVE READ THE BOOK DON’T KNOW THE PHRASE as it’s not in the book, and yet its resolution is the entire purpose of the book. Just so that I don’t leave you with misunderstood, and although you will hear more in a moment, Life Continuum is the phenomena of individuals taking on the fears, habits, and pattern of others particularly those people who are dead. In summary, here is the answer to fixed behavior patters and why habits seemingly can’t be broken. So while the term “Life Continuum” is used by LRH in many books following the Handbook, NOBODY’S EVER REALLY KNOWN WHAT IT MEANT.

Next, the handbook provides definition and even illustration of what LRH called the “Control Center.” Among other things the control center explains left and right handedness, but if you’ve never heard of it of if you have and didn’t get it, that’s because the key paragraph describing the control center happens to be one of the garbles – LRH correcting the sentence mid-stream and the typist including both the incomplete and corrected sentence tied together as one COMPLETELY INCOMPREHENSIBLE SENTENCE.

As for the use of the book and what it contains just as Self-Analysis is a companion to Science of Survival so too is Handbook for Preclears a companion to Advanced Procedure and Axioms. Indeed, Handbook for Preclears gets used after Self-Analysis. Where as Self-Analysis describes consciousness, Handbook for Preclears has the most expansive essays anywhere on “The State of Man” and the “Ideal State of Being” and, specifically, whether TO BE or NOT TO BE. Indeed, here is the Chart of Attitudes that compliments the Chart of Human Evaluation, and it not only explains one’s reactions to life but plots the top and bottom characteristics of attitudes of beingness. You use the Chart of Attitudes for Rising Scale Processing, and if that too is unfamiliar to you – MORE LOST TECH! It’s how to postulate yourself up the Tone Scale and is also for use in introductory auditing. So yes, Handbook for Preclears – lost tech, but no more particularly since you've also got yet NEVER BEFORE AVAILABLE SERIES – the Life Continuum. ...

In combination these lectures not only recover the lost tech of “Life Continuum” but they even describe how to both disseminate and apply the book Handbook for Preclears right down to its administration by a field auditor. THEY’VE NEVER BEEN AVAILABLE and now you know why NOBODY IS DOING IT.

You can see the full version of this event on the official Church of Scientology website at this address:
The segment about Handbook for Preclears starts at 1:20:28 time marker of the video.

Let's take up some of Miscavige's statements:


The phrase WAS in the book! Both phrases LIFE CONTINUATION and LIFE CONTINUUM were used in the book since its first publication and absolutely NOTHING was changed in the use of those phrases in the supposedly "corrected" 2007 edition.

1976 Printing
2007 (spiral bound)

1976 Printing
2007 (spiral bound)

1976 Printing
2007 (spiral bound)

Here is another generality from David Miscavige:

"So while the term “Life Continuum” is used by LRH in many books following the Handbook, NOBODY’S EVER REALLY KNOWN WHAT IT MEANT."

In addition to appearing in Handbook for Preclears, a definition for the phrase LIFE CONTINUUM has also been in Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary since its first printing in 1975 along with a reference to a tape from where that definition came from. All one had to do to “discover” the lectures is to look up the definition and then locate the tape using the provided referenced number – 5112CM28B (51 is year, 12 is month, 28 is day; C stands for "copy").

All the materials were listed in chronological order at the end of the original What is Scientology? book published in late 1970’s. Tape 5112C28 DCL-2B titled “Chart of Attitudes, Part 2 – Life Continuum Theory” is listed on page 230 along with all the other tapes.

To see the full page in higher resolution clik HERE

Moreover, as the case for any other book in the series, a succinct description for Handbook for Preclears was provided in the first edition (1976) of The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology (Red Volumes) – in this case, in Volume I on page 194 as can be seen HERE. Right on the very NEXT PAGE (page 195), there is a list of LECTURES accompanying this book preceded with a sentence “TAPES OF THE LECTURES ARE AVAILABLE.” [Capitalization added for emphasis.]

Now, you notice that there are two or one or no asterisk (*) in front of the lectures. The meaning of these marks is explained in the EDITOR'S NOTE as follows:

“The symbol "**" preceding a tape title means that copies are available from both Publications Organizations. A tape preceded by "*" means that it will soon be available. No asterisk (*) means that neither Publications Organization nor Flag has a master copy of that lecture.”

So you can see that all but one tapes were AVAILABLE with one in the process of being made available “soon.” This was 1976! So how come we have David Miscavige coming out in 2007 (30 years later!) to state that the lectures were “NEVER BEFORE AVAILABLE?” So let's get this straight:

Back in 1970's the lectures are AVAILABLE and in PLAIN SIGHT in numerous places. David Miscavige becomes a self-appointed leader of the Church in the early 1980's [] and a head of a newly created RTC (Religious Technology Center) with a mission to “to preserve, maintain and protect the Scientology religion.” []. Subsequently, we have to conclude, the lectures get “lost” for a few decades... and then “discovered” again... somehow... to be presented, 30 years later, to a loud applause of Scientology parishioners as some miracle and heroic “recovery of lost tech.” Right...

To extend the analysis even further, if we compare the list of lectures listed in the Technical Bulletins volume with the list of lectures provided in 2007 set, something is not matching up:

1976 List
2007 Set
     5112C27A    DCL-1A    The Handbook for Preclears
** 5112C27B    DCL-1B    Definition of terms, Scientology and Milestone 1 defined
** 5112C28A    DCL-2A    Chart of Attitudes
** 5112C28B    DCL-2B    Chart of Attitudes, Part 2 — Life Continuum Theory
** 5112C29A    DCL-3A    The Goal of Processing (The Ideal State of Man), Part I
** 5112C29B    DCL-3B    The Goal of Processing (The Ideal State of Man), Part II
  * 5112C29    LECTURE    Resolution of the Life Continuum Problem
** 5112C29C    DCL-4A    Cause and Effect and Remarks on Second Dynamic
** 5112C29D    DCL-4B    Use of Handbook for Preclears and Self Analysis
** 5112C30A    DCL-5A    Effort Processing — Notes on Children's Illnesses
** 5112C30B    DCL-5B    Effort Processing — Yes, No, Maybe Remarks

Lecture 1, 27 December 1951 Miracles in Dianetics
Lecture 2, 27 December 1951 Counter-Emotion
Lecture 3, 28 December 1951 The Chart of Attitudes
Lecture 4, 28 December 1951 The Life Continuum Theory
Lecture 5, 29 December 1951 The Emotional Curve
Lecture 6, 29 December 1951 The Goal of Processing: The Ideal State of Man
Lecture 7, 29 December 1951 Cause on All Dynamics
Lecture 8, 29 December 1951 Handbook for Preclears
Lecture 9, 30 December 1951 Effort Processing and the Life Continuum
Lecture 10, 30 December 1951 Yes, No and Maybe

So what is really going on with the lectures? One asterisk (*) means that the lecture was going to be available "soon" as of 1976 when this list was published. It looks like "Resolution of the Life Continuum Problem" lecture still did not become available to the public in 2007. What happened to it? It sounds quite important, and so does "Definition of terms, Scientology and Milestone 1 defined" – does it correlate with a lecture on "Miracles in Dianetics" or "Counter-Emotion" for the same date in 2007 set? This question is yet to be answered.

As to Handbook for Preclears being “THE MOST UNKNOWN” – a standardized edition of the book was published in 1970’s along with all the rest of Dianetics and Scientology books.. If it BECAME "unknown" after David Miscavige assumed his leadership position in mid 1980’s then we have to conclude that David Miscavige himself had something to do with MAKING Handbook for Preclears “the most unknown” if such was even true when he made this remark in 2007.

In addition, in clearing “its never glorified history,” David Miscavige gave some irrelevant story of what supposedly happened during the time of Dianetic Foundations completely ignoring the TWENTY some years of development under the Church of Scientology of California. The last edition of the book did not even look like the large softcover he showed on the screen. It looked like most of the standard editions in the 1970's – 8 by 5 1/8 inches in size with green cover, gild lettering, and a removable dust jacket. Here is a visual comparison of the books:

1976 Printing 2007 Edition
8 x 5 1/8 x 3/4 (11.7 oz) 9 1/2 x 6 3/8 x 1 1/4 (2 lb 1.2 oz)

1976 Printing 2007 Edition
8 x 5 1/8 x 3/4 (11.7 oz) 9 1/2 x 6 3/8 x 1 1/4 (2 lb 1.2 oz)

Of course, one of the biggest fallacies in DM's speech is an assertion that Handbook for Preclears is based on the phrase "Life Continuum" and that "its resolution is the entire purpose of the book." This is a complete absurdity. As Miscavige himself had noted later in his speech, Handbook for Preclears is "a companion to Advanced Procedure and Axioms." Life Continuum is never even mentioned in Advanced Procedure and Axioms book. What relates to the resolution of Life Continuum mechanism in Handbook for Preclears is only a part of a much larger body of technology contained in that book.

And as to the "completely incomprehensible sentence" that was a part of the control center description, READ what Miscavige placed on the screen:

The first pair of "the environment or the body" may indeed be a typographical error, but the sentence is NOT "completely incomprehensible." It communicates the basic idea, and it is now the exact same sentence in 2007 edition without the first "the environment or the body" pair.

A definition for RISING SCALE PROCESSING, which David Miscavige claimed to be "more lost tech," has also been in the dictionary since its first publication:


As can be seen from the pages above, the definition for this processing actually refers to the book Scientology 8-8008 which was published along with all the other books as can be seen HERE.

The lecture series that accompanied Scientology 8-8008 – Philadelphia Doctorate Course – were also AVAILABLE and the two lectures covering Rising Scale Processing are in plain sight as can be seen on the SECOND DESCRIPTION PAGE where these lectures were listed in the first volume of The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology. So there is no "lost tech" here either.


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