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David Miscavige's statements at the Basics release event in 2007:

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As I mentioned at the outset every book has its own distinct body of data breakthroughs and technologies specific to that book, and if we've already covered the reactive mind from Dianetics 1948 through 1950 as well as the next discovery of theta and the components of life as ARC, the next is every bit of milestone EVENT IF NOT SO WIDELY KNOWN TO SCIENTOLOGISTS. Indeed, the book and its companion represent the beginning of the cross-over from the subject of Dianetics to the subject of Scientology, and that only takes you to the starting line of all else this book contains just as it is only a shadow of the lost technology from this period.

The book is “Advanced Procedure and Axioms,” and the technology contained within is Thought, Emotion, and Effort. Now, if THOSE TERMS AND THEIR MEANING ARE NOT IMMEDIATELY RECOGNIZABLE OR FAMILIAR TO YOU, then consider this: Effort Processing is the very technology LRH used to map the genetic line, meaning, the whole track of genetic evolution. It’s also the technology to get rid of disabilities and so filled the barrel in the reception room of Wichita Foundation with discarded eye glasses. And if you think lack of knowledge of this “old tech” hasn’t relegated it to the category of historical, why then don’t you see it in use? Indeed, this 1951 technology – Effort Processing – is even mentioned by LRH in a 1981 HCOB on Introductory Processes for all Org public divisions. So no, “lost tech” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Then again, here is one where everything we’ve covered so far comes into play – the book itself, definitions, and most definitely it’s never before available companion lecture series. So let’s start with the book and why it’s “lost tech.”

As for why, here is the classic case of something not quite right: you go back to the time you were doing well, but you keep running into a wall because THE PAGES ARE IN THE WRONG SEQUENCE! Specifically, if any of you by chance attempted to follow the procedural steps of Effort Processing and figure out just how LRH mapped that genetic line, well, you may well have felt like a Neanderthal the moment you hit the key chapters on effort processing. Why? Because THERE WAS NO KEY CHAPTER ON PROCEDURE. Yes. LRH wrote a chapter entitled “Effort Processing,” but an editor with a brain of a shell fish inserted it into the previous chapter. In other words, two separate chapters were jammed together with the second page of the first chapter become the last page of the second, and while they were good enough to insert a paragraph break, the concepts didn’t quite connect. So, while you may have found yourself pausing over Advanced Procedure and Axioms, it’s not because the book is too advanced for us humanoids; it's simply because someone from the wrong side of the gene pool messed up the manuscript.
[audience standing up, clapping, cheering]

Then there is the later editor from the not quite right side of the track who decides he’ll interject his clarifications so he assumes with no basis in fact except his own case that everybody must have misunderstood words whereupon he footnotes every word YOU don’t understand turning a one page LRH introduction into 5 pages with the LRH text only occupying the top inch and a half of the page – the rest reserved for his definitions. It not only doesn’t make for an aesthetic read, it also destroys the entire book, in effect, throwing it entirely out of sequence, and here is why: the definition of terms that editor decided to throw on page one are, each one, the subject of an entire chapter later in the book where LRH gives the first and very complete definition of these new subjects so you get “thought” defined in a footnote on page 1 after getting to read all of one sentence of the book, and yet thought is the subject of a two page chapter 44 pages later. Wow, Mr. Editor, thanks a million for the clarification.

But, yes, all of it is back to source a 100% and that means: the full description of self-determinism, and the discovery that one’s own decisions underlie any disability. Then again, “The Evolution of a Man” and the tech of thought, emotion, effort, postulates, computations, and the no holds barred definition of responsibility: all acts, all emotions, every dynamic.

Finally, most important of all, here is the discovering description of the service facsimile because, yes, THIS book reveals the source of disability and that source is the service facsimile, but more on that in a moment; because in addition to what I’ve already described, the recovery of lost tech includes the glossary LRH wrote FOR Advanced Procedure and Axioms. A previous editor has deleted it since he’d already covered it in HIS glossary – talk about misunderstoods. The LRH definitions aren’t even in alphabetical order since they are meant to be read as a chapter itself providing the NEW meaning of NEW terms and each definition building upon the last. In other words, put them in alphabetical order as that editor did and you NEVER get it.

And finally, here are definitions, logics, and axioms of Dianetics and is but a final important point: those logics and axioms actually precede and are the basis of everything contained in the main body of the text. In other words, the correct sequence is to study the axioms first and then read the book. However, even with all I’ve listed there is one more thing. Yes, you can now read the book and get it, but we are not just shooting for getting it – we want FULL CONCEPTUAL UNDERSTANDING! Actually, we want that next level beyond understanding – PURE KNOWINGNESS; and if you only read the book, you would have this question: What happened? How did LRH move from Science of Survival and Self-Analysis to his next plateau? The answer: “Books are only summaries of conclusions as they appear on our track. The tapes are the only running record of research we have.” LRH And in this instance, it’s the new lectures series – “Thought, Emotion, and Effort” – which is in fact two lecture series in one.

You can see the full video of this event on the official Church of Scientology website at this address:
The segment about Advanced Procedure and Axioms starts at 1:08:28 time marker of the video.

First, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the chapter on "Effort Processing," and it logically followed the chapter titled "Effort." David Miscavige stating that one chapter was somehow "inserted" into another is simply a fabrication of some "wrongness." If you have 2007 edition, go to chapter "Effort" on page 48. Take the entire block of text that runs from the bottom paragraph – "The only thing of value to recover from an engram is the effort. ..." – to the end of the chapter and append this block to the end of the next chapter on "Effort Processing." That's where it was in the original.

As to the claim about excessive footnotes, here is where David Miscavige truly shines with his deceptive manipulation of facts. The book with excessive footnotes that he showed on the screen is NOT an authentic edition that was copyrighted under L. Ron Hubbard. It is a 1989 edition copyrighted under "L. Ron Hubbard Library" [ISBN: 0-88404-419-X] – a part of the very first set of distorted publications released within a few years of L. Ron Hubbard's death in 1986. This directly followed David Miscavige assuming control of the organization through a corporate restructuring in the early 1980's when the original organizational structure was dissolved and a new one established in its place. ALL of the publications in that first batch of distorted editions included extensive footnotes for word definitions, and it is most likely that David Miscavige himself ordered the inclusion of those footnotes since not only he was the Chairman of the Board, RTC (Religious Technology Center) – a corporate entity established by David Miscavige himself to "ensure the purity of Scientology," he was also in charge of Author Services, Inc (ASI) – another corporate entity in charge of all of Ron Hubbard's literary works.

Just like may other original publications, the very first publication of Advanced Procedure and Axioms was in SOFTCOVER form. As can be seen on the copyright page of 1979 reprint, a HARDCOVER version for this book was first published in 1971. The hardcover version included just ONE footnote – the exact same footnote that now appears in 2007 edition on page 166. And yes, 1970's reprint also included "LRH Glossary" defining all the key terms. The glossary is in alphabetical order, and for Miscavige to state that someone would "never get it" simply because the words are not in the order as they first appear in text of the book – that's just total lunacy. Placing definitions in a non-alphabetical order could actually be harder to navigate.

The most notable alterations in this book include removal a few key sentences in the description of the Advanced Procedure which is the very subject of this book:


1979: 16 2007: 26
THE FOURTH ACT is the establishment of accessibility of the pre-clear with himself. This may include a thorough address to past auditing and auditors. It includes PAST. PRESENT and FUTURE PROBLEMS.

No further action than these can be successfully accomplished until these have been accomplished.
The Fourth Act is establishing ACCESSIBILITY of the preclear with himself. This may include a thorough address to past auditing and auditors.

No further action than these can be successfully accomplished until these have been accomplished.
1979: 17 2007: 27
THE FIFTH ACT is the auditor’s assessment of the pre-clear. The auditor categorizes the pre-clear in three echelons of classification as follows: The Fifth Act the auditor’s ASSESSMENT of the preclear. With a dispassion paralleled in the examination of a horse one might wish to buy, the auditor categorizes the preclear in three echelons of classification as follows:
1979: 18 2007: 28 - 29
THE SEVENTH ACT consists of establishing whether or not the pre-clear is currently running on his genetic control center. (See the History of Man*.) In short, is this a left hander who has been made right handed? Fifty per cent of all human beings, roughly, are running on the wrong control center. By effort, emotion and thought processing the individual can be re-established in his right control center.

THE EIGHTH ACT consists of straight-wire of the times a person tried to start, stop, change or move other entities on all dynamics, or when he inhibited them.
The Seventh Act consists of establishing whether or not the preclear is currently running on his GENETIC CONTROL CENTER. In short, is this a left-hander who has been made right-handed? Fifty percent of all human beings, roughly, are running on the wrong control center.

The Eighth Act consists of STOP, START, CHANGE Straightwire including, in particular, MOVE.

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